Art education exhibitions

Every school has a drawing contest where students from all sections can enter drawings of different kinds, artwork, and artistic figures.

Each school holds exhibitions in the main hall to display the students’ artwork, sculptures, and drawings that showcase their artistic abilities. The implementer of outstanding works receive rewards, and the institution takes part in foreign competitions.

Islamic education exhibitions

They are exhibitions that take place in the school, showcasing the handicrafts and creations that the students have been trained to use throughout the year in accordance with the course objectives and what the Egyptian family requires in terms of nannies, analyzers, and other products for the Egyptian family.

The Foundation offers the raw ingredients and equipment required to put this into action.


Throughout the year, some of them are held in connection with particular occasions, such as the fasting of Ramadan, the occasion of the Isra’ and Mi’raj, and the pilgrimage, as well as other religious and national occasions, like the victory of October, the holiday honoring the revolution, Sinai Liberation Day, or a symposium on expected good behavior or about a virtue.

School Parliament Activity

An activity designed to teach students how to properly apply the principles of freedom and democracy and make decisions to actually implement them in the school environment is being carried out by a group of Zoser Group schools.

The activity includes serious images of the election process, electoral programs, polling procedures, counting of votes, and results, followed by discussions of the issues in question in the relevant sessions.

Celebrations on different occasions:

To improve communication between the school and the family and to carry out the community participation policy, celebrations are conducted in schools on religious, national, and social occasions, and parents are invited.

Additionally, at the conclusion of the academic year, celebrations are conducted for each school that was selected to showcase the best theatrical productions, chants, recitations, musical performances, and other initiatives.

Computer activities and scientific creativity

Schools send their top performers in this area to compete in events at the regional and national levels throughout the course of the year. In this area, we are in the lead.