Mechanisms for carrying out educational activities

Classroom Activities

To spread the benefits of the curriculum, the majority of the subjects regularly engage in curriculum-related activities, which are typically conducted in classes or hallways.

These are pursuits associated with the topics. Examples include turning a particular lesson into a theatrical dialogue in which the characters are chosen from the class and an engaging conversation between them is used to get to the lesson’s point and its content, or doing in-depth research on a subject being covered in class or a historical figure.

Islamic Awareness Activities:​

The Holy Quran and several of Prophet Muhammad’s illustrious hadith that exhort a particular virtue, such as honesty, keeping the covenant, obedience to parents, and work, are memorized by students in competitions. Conducting monthly seminars and seminars on Islamic behavior. Publishing wall journals under the guise of a particular value the week’s events (radio seminars—throw my hair) are centered on the slogan of the week, which is a virtue.

Educational Activities:​

The Zoser Foundation is a proponent of the contemporary concept of learning and its all-encompassing view of the human person. According to the foundation, the development of a student’s personality and emotional, intellectual, and physical maturity is crucial to the achievement of education’s ultimate goal. And consideration is given to its application and variety.

Objectives Of Educational Activities:​

The Activities Department is keen to achieve the objectives of the educational activities, which are:

  • The student’s upbringing is integrated psychologically, socially, and morally.
  • Increase students’ abilities to express and launch
  • Developing students’ artistic taste and aesthetic sense and shaping their feelings
  • Developing the student’s understanding of the curriculum by dramatizing it, where the educational material is placed in a theatrical artistic template based on dialogue.
  • Activities achieve a lot of good values, virtues, behaviors and develop the spirit of cooperation.
  • The activities develop students’ creative abilities, reveal latent talents, and help them develop them.
  • Work on the formation of a normal personality and address the shortcomings of shyness, fear, and introversion.
  • Strengthening the student’s connection to the cultural, linguistic, and historical ideals of their country.
  • Fostering a deeper sense of patriotism, affection for the nation, pride in it, and commitment to working for its advancement through articles, media appearances, and national plays
  • Sports events foster the development of the body and mind, reflect teamwork, and accustom students to movement and activity.
  • The pupil develops human values and ideals through seminars and awareness, preventing them from succumbing to harmful tendencies and strange behavioral patterns.
  • During the summer break, engage the students in meaningful educational pursuits like football, karate, basketball, and volleyball. These activities, in addition to swimming, are offered in the Zoser Group Schools group and are carried out under the careful and responsible guidance of qualified instructors, each in their respective fields.

People Who Carry Out Activities:​

The school was eager to offer a team of experts in the various aspects of teaching activities. There are instructors for family, music, and art education in addition to instructors for physical education.

Additionally, it gave those in charge of it advisers and followers.

Extracurricular Activities:

They are school activities that are given during the morning assembly or at a time set by the school with the help of the teachers.

The following are some of the practices used in the Zoser Group Schools group:

Sports Activities:​

Sports activities include, for instance, a team that plays at various levels of football, which is practiced in special classes and at school.

The Zoser Schools team claimed the Pepsi Football Championship at the Republic level, along with basketball, volleyball, and individual contests like karate and athletics.

The institution offers the necessary equipment for swimming, which is done all year long. Football matches between the teams from the different classes were played, and they were distinguished by their strength in performance, encouragement, and an attitude of friendliness and tolerance.

School Trips Activities:​

There were numerous and diverse excursions, including science excursions, where students could familiarize themselves with a variety of experiences.

  • Excursions to the College of Medicine and Engineering, the University of Science and Technology, and lectures on pedagogical models.
  • Excursions to book fairs.
  • Excursions to the Citadel and the Military Museum.
  • The Book House of Egypt.
  • Identification of natural events (Fayoum–Ismailia).
  • Excursions made by (first-grade pupils) to the local area (International Park). -arena, zoo, and museums) some moms took their kids along on some of these excursions.
  • Student visits that are social or humanitarian to other patients at homes or in institutions.
  • Additionally, charitable visits to some institutions (for kids, see Institute of Oncology-Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357).