Our Vision:

The Zoser Group Schools will be innovators, working with a clear vision and a well-trained team that upholds fundamental principles, advances learning and teaching, and primarily seeks to develop a bright generation that will shape the future.

Our Value And Policy:​

A significant duty is education. Because of this, we think that although our job is extremely challenging, it is also fantastic and creative. We are very pleased with it and believe we will succeed in our goals.

We firmly believe that elegance, enjoyable performance, and high credibility are essential for excellence in our challenging job.

As a result, we put great effort into ensuring that our programs and institutions are outfitted to the highest standards of quality and effective performance by assembling a creative team that is always on the lookout for new things, is adept at carrying out their important roles, and believes in the importance of these roles.

Our students’ goal is to lead in this life and succeed in the Hereafter because they are naturally righteous, compassionate, and creative.

We respect and value views and proposals, and we are eager to welcome them with open arms and high transparency through dialogue, consultation, and construction through our open channels and with all parties.

Who We Are?​

  • In 1973, the institution played a significant role in improving educational performance in the East Cairo educational district after becoming a legally recognized entity. Since that time, giving has continued in all of the branches that were created.
  • In 1976, The Aladdin School for Basic Education was founded with a capacity of twenty classes. In response to the region’s residents’ high demand, the school’s capacity was increased to 65 classes in 2000. Since its inception, it has won numerous awards for excellence and certificates of recognition in numerous academic disciplines.
  • In 1978, Al Orouba Commercial Secondary School was founded and has 20 classes. In addition to being the best at school activities, it has consistently been ranked first since 1981, sometimes at the level of the Republic, sometimes at the level of the Cairo sector, sometimes at the level of educational administration, and other times at the level of private schools.
  • In 1987, Al-Israa Private School was founded, and since then, thanks to its enthusiasm for educational-related activities, it has been obtaining outstanding results in general certificates.
  • In 1991, Zoser Al-Kobba School was founded with an assimilation card, and according to numerous educators, it has held the top position among the area’s schools ever since. It has a limit of twenty-four classrooms.

The administration of Zoser Group’s Dome School had to work hard to meet the rising demand for enrollment in the institution’s branches because of the limited density of the building.

  • In 1997, Zoser Group was launched on a 9000-square-meter space used to build Shubra School. It is a sizable educational building that has gained distinction since its founding for its exceptional performance, impressive results in public examinations and school activities at the governorate level, and its influential role in community service. Its distinction is a wonderful school building designed in the Pharaonic style and based on the institution’s wishes.

Effective enhancement of educational activity and contribution to societal development led to the decision to play an equally effective part in pre-university education and higher education.

  • In 2001, it founded the Higher Institute of Computers and Management Sciences, which awards bachelor’s degrees in management, computers, and administrative sciences to its graduates. It has approval from the Supreme Council of Universities and is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • In 2003, the Foundation built a new educational structure, sticking to the name’s uniqueness and selecting a prestigious location in the First Settlement on a plot of 2000 meters. The Zoser Group Princes School of Languages combined the ingenuity and characteristics of the original Pharaonic style with the need for modernity and growth in its architectural design. As it is available in addition to the comfort in the numerous classrooms, as well as in the means of sports and entertainment such as playgrounds, green spaces, swimming pools, and others, it has a significant contribution to its tangible distinction in the buildings and capabilities. This grants it the ability to differentiate itself from other schools.

In response to the rising demand for the schools of the Zoser Group and to fully accomplish the desired excellence.

  • In 2009, the Zoser Princess Language School, Shubra Division, opened its doors. The primary goal of this was to spread a culture of exceptional education that values and cares deeply for foreign languages because it has a keen sense of the future. This institution can accommodate 28 classes.